Davy Crockett Lodge No. 1225, A.F. & A.M.



Stated Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday every month.



Dinner is served at 6:30pm, and the Lodge will be opened at 7:30pm. 


We hope to see you there!


Visitors from Jurisdictions recognized by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas A.F. & A.M. are welcome to join us for dinner and the meeting. 


Interested candidates for Masonry are invited to join us for dinner and answer your questions.


See our Calendar of Events for specifics, and for other events!



Our monthly fellowship/family cookouts are on the third Saturday every month (March-October) starting at 11AM. 


Come out and enjoy some good food and fellowship!







For more information on paying your Dues, per capita, or purchasing an Endowment, go to our Dues Payments page


NONPROFIT HIGHLIGHT: National Military Family Association

NMFA is the voice of military families because, for 46 years, we have proven that we stand behind service members, their spouses, and their children.  Our Association is the "go to" source for Administration Officials, Members of Congress, and key decision makers when they want to understand the issues facing our families.  They know we have "boots on the ground" with military families and understand better than anyone that "military families serve, too."  Through the support and programs we provide, and our respected voice on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon and Veterans Administration, our Association always looks out for families who stand behind the uniform and for those who serve.  


Davy Crockett Lodge is proud to support this A+ rated charity helping veterans and their families.  Our Worshipful Master has continued the pledge made 3 years ago to support local veterans and their families through our charitable fundraising efforts.


If you would like to do your part to help this worthy cause, you can donate directly to the Lodge to support our local efforts, or you can copy and paste the link below into your browser to donate directly to the National Military Family Association:




NMFA is a top rated non-profit organization

supporting veterans and their families

Our Fraternity

We find good men and make them better - men who value self-improvement, community service, a sense of belonging to something bigger, history, philosophy and discussions as a platform for exchanging ideas and making new friends, if any of this sounds like you, then Freemasonry may be for you. We invite you to contact us via email or just stop by to learn more about our great Fraternity and how you may be a good fit.


From whence we came...


In March 1835 the first Masonic meeting was held in Texas for the purpose of establishing a lodge in Texas. Six Masons met under an oak tree near the town of Brazoria. They applied to the Grand Lodge of Louisiana for a dispensation to form and open a Lodge. A dispensation was issued and later a charter. This first Texas lodge was called Holland Lodge No. 36. It was named after then Grand Master of Masons in Louisiana,  John Henry Holland. Anson Jones was the first Worshipful Master of Holland Lodge No. 36, now Holland Lodge No. 1. The charter was brought by John M. Allen and given to Anson Jones just prior to the battle of San Jacinto.
Two more Texas lodges were formed, also given dispensation and charter by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. They were: Milam Lodge No. 40 in Nacogdoches, and McFarland Lodge No. 41 in San Augustine. Both were formed in 1837. These two lodges, together with Holland Lodge No. 36, sent representatives to meet in Houston and established the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas.  The convention elected Anson Jones the first Grand Master of Masons in Texas. It should be noted that Anson Jones was the fourth and final President of the Republic of Texas, prior to becoming a state.
Today there are over 90,000 Masons in Texas and more than 900 lodges. How we have grown since 1837! We look forward optimistically to the future of Masonry in Texas and trust that its proud heritage will be built upon in the years to come in ways that will continue to serve and honor the great State of Texas of which we are a part.