Dues Payments




Paying your Lodge Dues, or purchasing an Endowed Membership is easy!


You can mail them to 519 Alametos, San Antonio, TX 78212-1451 or drop them in the mailbox at the lodge hall. 


We are excited to add an electronic option!!


You can send your dues, per capita, or donation via Venmo.  Our username is @treas_dclodge.


Please include your name and what the payment is for as detailed as possible (for example: 2023 dues, per capita payment, donation to ____)


There IS an additional charge to use Venmo.  These charges are necessary part of offering this convienece.  Also, pursuant to Art. 311(b) of the laws of The Grand Lodge of Texas, a lodge may charge an additional fee for payments made electronically.  If you have any issues, please get with our Treasurer, Robert Browning at treas.dclodge@gmail.com.


The charge is 1.9% plus $0.10 for each transaction.  To ensure that the entire amount of your payment reaches the Lodge, note the total amounts we are asking for:


  • For dues ($100), the final amount with fee is $102.04.
  • For Endowment ($800) the final amount with fee is $815.60.
  • For a per capita donation ($27.50), the final amount with fee is $28.14.
  • Any other donation will be charged the 1.9% plus $0.10 by Venmo.
  • *Donations to Davy Crockett Lodge No.1225 are NOT tax deductible.


If you are endowed, or hold a Life or Service Exemption, your dues card will be mailed as soon as they are received by the Lodge from our Secretary.