Lapel Pin

The 2017 version of our Davy Crockett Lodge Lapel Pin is now available.  It features all of the iconic images that make Davy Crockett so memorable - the Alamo, the Texas flag, the coon-skin cap, and the Kentucky long rifles.  This Nickel-sized collectible can be yours for a charitable donation of at least $10 to our Scholarship fund.  Send us your address and contribution, plus $2 for shipping and handling and we'll get yours shipped immediately!

Lodge Coin

Coins are a tradition in Texas, but most are very basic and without color.  We specifically designed this coin to reflect the character and namesake of our Lodge.  You will note that the compasses are formed from 2 Kentucky long-rifles, the favorite weapon of Davy Crockett, and are topped by a coon-skin cap.  They are placed over the “Lone Star” of Texas and Masonry.  It is well-known throughout the State that the Republic of Texas was founded on Masonic principles.  As such it is no accident that the 5-pointed star is the State symbol.  On the back is an outline of the State of Texas, with its flag painted inside the borders.  The square and compasses of the Craft are symbolically placed in the area where San Antonio would be located to show our home.  The phrase at the bottom, “Ex Tenebris Lux” has been adopted as our official motto and means “From darkness, Light.”  Again, this item can be yours for a charitable donation of at least $10 to our scholarship fund.

"The Profound Pontifications of Brother John Deacon" - Volume 1

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Order "The Profound Pontifications of Brother John Deacon," written by our very own Brother Chris Williams, PM. This book is a riot, filled with down home charm, country wisdom, and Masonic Philosophy of the highest order. Just click on the picture and you can preview and order the book. Then all you have to do is come down to Lodge on a Tuesday night and get Brother Chris to sign it for you! I hope you enjoy the book as much as the rest of us. Happy reading!




This item can be yours for a donation of as little as $2.00 to our scholarship fund.  Please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your donation, and we'll get yours shipped immediately.